Patchwork Theater Group
We Started in houston in 1983 -- Now we're taking the Patchwork global
During its many manifestations and tribulations, The Theater of Necessity in Houston, Texas (and other locations, at times) struggled to overcome the limitations of any fixed venue it might be experiencing and to find appropriate venues for the stage shows it was envisioning for the future or for that season.  There also was a bit of the problem that, for live theater, the audience can or will only travel a certain distance on a regular basis.  If you're not New York City in the 16 or 20 theaters that are Broadway, or if you're not Off-Broadway in NYC, or you're not Vegas, with millions to spend to create a show people will come to see for years, then it's not easy to get folks to travel on a regular basis more than a certain distance.  So, what does one do if one has a great show which is only attracting local attention?  What if one wants more audience to experience THIS PARTICULAR manifestation of a LIVE stage show?  The answer for The Theater of Necessity and other venues around Houston, was to start The Patchwork Theater Group, where the venues were made available for particularly good local 'tours' .

Now that The Theater of Necessity is coming back, maybe we can globalize the concept of a Patchwork Theater Group?

Please contact us with offers of assistance, venues, plays to produce, companies to join the group, individual artists and playwrites.

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